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is the official publication of the Havana Silk Dog Association of America
Silk Road
is mailed out to all paid members, and for now is published three times
per year. The articles printed in this magazine are to inform those interested in Havana
Silk Dogs and to provide information to all members regarding club business.
Manuscripts and advertising are welcomed and will be printed and edited at the
direction of the Editor, acting on behalf of the HSDAA. Neither the Editor nor the
HSDAA is responsible for the contents of any advertisements or manuscripts nor for
any claims made therein. All rights reserved. This magazine may not be reproduced in
whole or part, without the written permission from the Editor.
Barb Theisen
Joanne Baldwin, DVM (
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You can choose to use the same ad for all three issues or submit a different ad for
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Silk Road.
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Payments can be mailed to Sharon Martin, PO Box 261, Barboursville, WV 25504.
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Advert i sers Thi s I ssue
The Board of the HSDAA shall be
comprised of the officers elected
for a two (2) year term and five (5)
other persons, all of whom shall be
members in good standing and all
of whom shall be elected for four
(4) year terms.
The at large Directors shall serve
staggered terms, with two (2) of
the directors positions selected in
the bi-annual election. Three (3) at
large Directors will be selected in
the following bi-annual election.
General management of the Club’s
affairs shall be entrusted to the
Board of Directors. The Board of
Directors may conduct its business
by mail, email, FAX or conference
call. (Article IV. Section I)
Ann Carille
Vice President
Frank Conticchio
Recording Secretary
Debbie Ezzell
Corresponding Secretary
Stephanie DeSimone
Sharon Martin
Breed Recognition Liaison
Helen Conticchio
Directors at large
Kay Rodgers
Les Foldesi
Anita Yeager
Joanne V. Baldwin, DVM
Mary M. O’Day
HSDAA reserves the right to edit the articles
printed in the
Silk Road.
Furthermore, the
opinions stated in the
Silk Road,
expressed or implied, do not necessarily
reflect those of the Havana Silk Dog
Association of America.
©2013 Havana Silk Dog Association
of America
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