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Minutes of the HSDAA Board of Directors Meeting
January 15, 2013
The regular meeting of the HSDAA Board of Directors was
held on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 with the President and
Secretary in attendance. The meeting was called to order at
7:37 p.m.
Members present: Joanne Baldwin, Ann Carille, Frank
Conticchio, Helen Conticchio, Stephanie DeSimone,
Debbie Ezzell, Les Foldesi, Sharon Martin, Mary O’Day,
Kay Rodgers, Anita Yeager
Old Business
Minutes from the Board Meeting of November 9, 2012
Doc Baldwin moved to dispense with reading the
Minutes. The motion was seconded and the minutes were
approved as written.
New Business
Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer Sharon Martin reported a current bank balance of
Mary O’Day asked if there was accountability for payments
when someone commits to various expenses such as
ads, show trophies, merchandise, etc. Treasurer Sharon
Martin answered that she does not regularly get information
about these commitments and often doesn’t know about
them until someone sends her a payment. She also said that
she occasionally gets money for payments with few or little
details about what the payment is for and she must try to
contact the person to get the information.
Doc Baldwin said that when she receives payments for
merchandise or for show registrations, she sends the
payments with the details to the treasurer. She also said
that the persons in charge of the various events should be
the persons to notify the treasurer of those commitments;
for example, the person who is responsible for show
trophies should send the names of sponsors and the cost
of the trophies to the treasurer.
Ann Carille added that it would be helpful to
have a
Silk Road
committee that will assist with the
accounting management of the
and facilitate the
editorial process to ensure accuracy in the articles
presented in the
Helen Conticchio asked if the winners of the Puppy
Sweepstakes had received their prize money. The treasurer
said she had not received any information about the sweep-
stakes winners. Ann Carille asked show records chairman,
Anita Yeager, to check the show records for the sweepstakes
winners and send the information to the treasurer for
disbursement of the prizes.
Membership Committee
Membership chairperson, Paul DeSimone, submitted a
report that there are currently 374 members, of which 136
have already renewed their memberships for 2013.
Health Committee
Mary O’Day reported that the Health Survey is almost ready
to go. She and Les Foldesi have been making some minor
Mary suggested that we begin evaluations again and that we
start by doing them on a voluntary basis. The Evaluators
Committee members can offer them at the upcoming shows
this year and add the subject of reinstating evaluations as a
requirement for certification to the agenda of the annual
membership meeting for member input at the National.
Doc Baldwin moved that we reinstate evaluations on a
voluntary basis and begin them at the Tarheel Classic show
in March. The motion was seconded and approved.
Evaluations will be offered for dogs one year and older.
The committee has also been discussing the current
requirement of allowing cardiac and patella exams to be
done at eight weeks for CHIC and not requiring any further
exam. The committee recommends that we should require
dogs to be re-examined for cardiac and patellas at one year
for CHIC.
Mary O’Day moved that our CHIC requirements be changed
to require cardiac and patella exams after one year of age.
The motion was seconded and approved.
Mary O’Day moved that we continue to accept PennHIP for
certification but with a Distraction Index of .62 or better.
The motion was seconded and approved.
Mary O’Day reported that Kathy Schlenz has resigned from
the Health Committee.
HSDAA Secretary’s Report
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