Silk Road Spring 2013 - page 5

Show Events Committee
Debbie Ezzell reported that the Fiesta form has been drafted
and sent to Dionne Franklin for review.
Ann Carille reported that the 2013 National Specialty will be
held October 23–27, 2013, at the Wyndham Hotel in Virginia
Beach. Ann will be the Show Chair.
Actions of the Board since the last meeting
On December 26, 2012, the Board met online to discuss
and vote on the following registration policy:
“In order to
maintain the continuity of the HSDAA and other studbooks,
after July 31, 2011, the breeding of an HSDAA registered Silk
with any dog not also registered with HSDAA shall render
all subsequent offspring by that dog ineligible for HSDAA
(Addition approved April, 2011).” The Board
agreed that the policy is not in the best interest of our breed.
While the HSDAA does not condone breeding outside of
our breed, doing so does not change the fact that the dogs
are still Havana Silk Dogs and we should not exclude these
dogs from our gene pool. Ann Carille moved to rescind this
policy. The motion was approved.
Review of Action Items from this Board meeting
All Board members will read the Bylaws and note any
items that should be presented to the Bylaws Committee
for consideration. The President requested that these
recommendations be completed within the next few weeks
in order to prepare a recommendation for the Bylaws
Committee by the next Board meeting.
A motion was made for adjournment. The meeting
adjourned at 10:04 p.m.
Debbie Ezzell, Recording Secretary
Feliz The Sky’s The Limit
Owner: Lizbeth Schmidt
Elmico Hula Dancer
Owners: Mary and Lyle Cisney
Hurricane Ridge’s Tyburn Woods Ms. G
Owner: Mary M. O’Day
Feliz Chantilly Lace
Owner: Mary Hamann
Bydand Moonstruck Moment at La Vista
Owners: Ann and Bob Weikel
Starborn’s Diamond in the Sky of Kailani
Owners: Barb and Tom Theisen
Junior Champion
Tyburn Woods I Get Ideas @ Concordia
Owners: Helen and Frank Conticchio
Elfin On The Road From Cathay
Owners: Cathy Foldesi and
Joanne V. Baldwin, DVM
Companion Champion
Elfin Easy Rider
Owner: Raymond Simon
Upgraded Members
Mary Clarke
Lorraine Manz
Ann Rogers
Guy and Cindi Walton
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