Silk Road Spring 2013 - page 8

Downloading Silk Road to Your
by Paul DeSimone
This procedure will demonstrate how to download the
Silk Road
as a .pdf file to your iPad or tablet and access it
with the Kindle app. You can access it with other apps that are able to read .pdf files as well.
For the steps below, I used Safari as my browser. I am not familiar with other browsers or tablets so the process
may be slightly different. If you wish to use Kindle on your iPad you will need to have the Kindle app installed on
your iPad or tablet. iBooks, I believe, is standard on all iPads.
Step 1
: Log onto the HSDAA website (
with your member ID and password.
Step 2
: Access the
What’s New
tab across the top and select the
Silk Road
Step 3
Silk Road
picture to access
an option bar.
Step 4
: Then touch the
option symbol.
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